As a no fees school, St. Raphael’s Special School relies on the kind donations of its parents and the public to continue with the upliftment of the school and extending the services it provides to our learners. Every donation matters, and no matter how big or small, your contribution will have an impact. All donations will kindly be accepted and may be deposited into the Schools Bank Account. Our banking details can be found below:

Standard Bank Details
Standard Bank S.A.
Name of Account Holder: St. Raphael’s School
Account Number: 051761009
Type of Account: Cheque Account
Branch: Jacobs/Bluff
Branch Code: 043326


As we are a no fees school, we rely heavily on sponsorships for the upgrading of the facilities and resources available to our learners. Currently, we have been upgrading our Foundation Phase playgrounds and classrooms. They have received new jungle gyms, artificial grass, tarring and newly painted classrooms to facilitate learning and development in a welcoming environment.


We gratefully acknowledge our current sponsors who have contributed to the development of our school:

Paper donations and computer centre

New Forest Congregational Church:
R20000 towards the development of our Foundation Phase playground
ABSA Bank - Malvern Branch
Wentworth Education Trust
aids for children in crisis Aid for Children in Crisis